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Art to make you Smile
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I became ‘hooked’ on pottery when I was first introduced to clay at evening class. At the same time, as luck would have it, redundancy from my office lifestyle gave me the chance for a career change - fulfilling a dream of becoming a potter. This was enhanced by the wonderful opportunity of spending time at the Moorcroft Pottery tube-lining and painting a vase to my own design.

When creating my style of small character pieces I am influenced by the innocence and naivety of many of the Staffordshire figurines.  A caption adds to the fun element but dig deeper and there maybe another layer of meaning.

I feel I have succeeded when a piece raises a smile and so brightens up the day.

The larger characters are social stereotypes familiar to all of us.

Each piece is hand built using a combination of slab building modelling and decorated using a variety of glazes and fired in an electric kiln several times. 

I am member of the Craft Potters Association
and South Wales Potters







Welcome Gallery2021Gallery 1ARCHIVE 2019ArtworkContact MeCV